Why Is My Blink Camera Blinking Red?

Blink cameras are an excellent innovation in home security. However, their red blinking is disconcerting. Several elements can cause this problem, such as a connection failure. Let’s take a look at the feasible reasons for a Blink digital camera with a blinking red light.

When you experience this trouble except turning the digital camera off and on, you may also have a trouble with your batteries or charger. So, how do you understand if it’s the digital camera or your battery? Do you additionally have a trouble with your Blink Camera? Or if you’re seeing blinking red while searching at the camera, or if the digital camera won’t flip off, this ought to be a signal of an issue.

Seeing your Blink digital camera blinking can be an alarming experience, in particular, if you’re not certain what the blinking light means. Unfortunately, countless exclusive troubles can lead to a Blink digital camera blinking. Thankfully, these troubles are usually now not too serious and can be corrected in within of minutes.

Whenever your Blink digital camera is blinking red that capability it shows an issue with the battery or network connection. A green blinking light lets you recognize there is a community problem, and blue blinking light shows the digital camera has detected activity.

The pleasant aspect to do is to go over the Blink camera’s owner guide and familiarize you with what the colorings of the lights mean. Knowing this data earlier than a difficulty arises will supply you a jump to repair the hassle as quickly as it arises. You will additionally discover quite number different beneficial facts for your Blink digital camera in the manual, which include troubleshooting hints if the digital camera malfunctions. Make certain to location the Blink’s owner guide in an easy-to-access location.

Following are the reasons that your Blink digital camera has a blinking red light, the steps you can take to restore the troubles related with this blinking, and different statistics about troubleshooting your Blink camera’s network connection, batteries, or different problems.


Why Is Your Camera Blinking Red?

Low battery

A flashing red light should additionally point out that the gadget has a low battery. According to Blink’s manual, the digital camera to flash a red light 5 or 6 instances as soon as the blue recording light goes off. Then no light will flash at all which suggests that the batteries are done.

Keep in thought that low battery-related flashing is barely special in contrast to the one that suggests loss of internet.

When there is no internet, the red light will be short, quick, and continuous. When there’s a battery issue, the digital camera will flash a strong red 5-6 times, and then it will die out (since there’s no greater battery to energy up the lights).

To keep away from battery problems or screw ups on your Blink outside camera:

  • Keep music of how regularly and when you are changing the battery. Note every time you location new ones.
  • Use AA Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. According to the manufacturer, any different kind of battery may additionally compromise the camera.
  • Use dependable batteries and don’t affordable out.


The most frequent purpose that the Blink safety camera’s red light is blinking continuously is due to the fact of a lack of a sturdy (or any) network connection. When first set up, the Blink digital camera will flash its red light 4 times (longer blinks) observed by using a regular faster blinking. This capability it is attempting to set up a network connection. If the blinking continues, it capability it can’t locate one.

This should suggest that both your Blink digital camera isn’t connecting to your home Wi-Fi properly, or your home Wi-Fi itself is both off and weak.

If your home Wi-Fi is off, attempt resetting your router. This is typically a rather surefire way to reset the Wi-Fi in your home. Simply locate the reset button and keep it for round 10 seconds. Then wait for 30 seconds, and press the button again.

If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, your Blink digital camera ought to have bothered connecting to it. It wants your Wi-Fi to have an add speed of at least 2mbps in order to suitable switch stay video to your smart phone or different related devices. If you suppose this ought to be the case, attempt transferring your Wi-Fi router nearer to the place your Blink digital camera is installed.

If none of these are the case and your Blink digital camera nonetheless won’t join to the Wi-Fi, attempt shutting off the digital camera itself and turning it again on. Alternatively, you can additionally go into the digital camera settings the use of the Blink Home Monitor cellular app, and make certain you have the right Wi-Fi selected.

Make positive your Blink app is up to date, and if it isn’t, tap the “update” button in the settings section. This can enhance your sign strength as well.

Camera Motion detection

Perhaps the red light of the Blink digital camera isn’t a malfunction, however alternatively a notification that the digital camera is functioning properly.

With action detection, the blink cam flashes a red light sign so if you observe a red flashing light that takes place once in a while at random intervals throughout the day.

So, it would possibly be feasible that it would be due to sensing actions and your machine is functioning properly.

Also, the most frequent scenario would possibly be if the digital camera seems to nonetheless be in functioning order and additionally the red light seems solely sometimes.

Camera Setup

If you’ve now not set up the blink camera, the red flashing signal is most probable only indicating that activation and setup method is in progress.

The flashing red signal may additionally solely show up for a few seconds solely at the opening of the booting method while giving energy to flickering green and then a blueish signal, indicating that all is in working order.

Loose Wire Connection

If the Blink digital camera is continuously blinking red and no longer working or no longer getting any feed, then it may also be a loose connection. In this case, you will have to take a look at out if there are no damaged connections in the camera.

Hard Reset

Before contacting client support, you can do a difficult reset. A challenging reset will reset the blink camera to the manufacturing facility settings, which means it will be exactly as you obtained it out of the container (provided no bodily harm has come to it). This can be particularly beneficial when you aren’t certain what the hassle is.

First, locate the reset button. It is on the right-hand side of the camera. It has to be close to the USB port. You won’t be capable to contact it with your finger, so find a very thin object like a paper clip, etc.

Tap the object you’ve chosen in and preserve the button down till you see a stable red light. Make certain it isn’t blinking, however solid. This needs to take around 30 seconds. After the red light is on, your Blink digital camera has gone into a full reboot.

After this, wait a little bit for the mild to shut off, and then proceed to set it up precisely the way you did when you acquired it.

This technique is a little time-consuming; however it is a surefire way to restoration a ton of issues.

How can you repair the problem when your blink digital camera flashes red?

You can without problems restore the problem, so you simply have to do the following steps in accordance to your blink digital camera problem.

Make doubly positive the Blink digital camera is powered with the aid of a twin A lithium battery and this is the battery that the digital camera used to be intended to utilize, and they will make sure that the blink digital camera receives powered consistently.

If you’ve changed the battery in the Blink digital camera and it’s simply no longer working then it may also have a extra serious problem. So, it’s higher to inform the service care core from the blink internet site of the blink.

  1. Make positive that you have a robust network connection so that you can effortlessly keep away from any variety of trouble related to your blink camera.
  2. In some cases, you simply want to operate a reboot, which is restoring the system to resetting and resuming over the beginning.
  3. Just press the strength change from the rear side of the Blink digital camera with the assist of any paper or cord piece for about five or six seconds and then your digital camera will be reset.



The Blink outside cameras is designed to deliver extraordinary flashing colorful lights indicating unique issues. If the digital camera is flashing red, it generally suggests a loss of network connection or a low battery.

Try to reconnect the digital camera to the network once more and make sure that the Wi-Fi works satisfactory and presents coverage. Additionally, you might also check out the battery. These problems have their personal solutions. If none of these is the problem, a tough reset ought to assist repair the issue. If you’re stuck, you can take help from the Blink technical team.

In any case, make certain to get your Blink home security up and walking as quickly as feasible in order to defend you and your family!

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