Do You Need an Electrician to Install Ring Floodlight Camera?

Installing the Floodlight Cam isn’t always difficult, however, it requires a primary perception of electrical wiring and you ought to use an outdoor-rated junction box. If you do not have a current energy source or are uncomfortable dealing with electrical wiring, have an expert electrician do the job.

Why Ring Floodlight?

The Ring Floodlight is one of my preferred smart home gadgets due to the fact of its simplicity and functionality. The Ring Floodlight can be used to change any present exterior light fixture and it combines an action sensing floodlight and smart Wi-Fi digital camera all in one superb package.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion-activated protection digital camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm, and two-way audio, so you can see, hear and communicate to anybody on your property from anywhere. It is without problems replaces present wired floodlights and connects to preferred junction boxes. This information will go over the fundamental setup steps to assist you to get beginning with your Ring camera.

If you already have a present floodlight you are searching to substitute or you have a current exterior light fixture the Ring Floodlight is the ideal choice that does no longer require you to drill any new holes into your home to strengthen the camera. It additionally doesn’t have any cords that will be uncovered on the indoors or exterior of your home, the floodlight is hardwired simply like any different light fixture which makes the setup simple.


How To Install Floodlight Ring Camera?

Wiring a Ring Floodlight is a straight forward task to handle and if you have ever mounted any different electrical gadget installing the Ring Floodlight digital camera should be easy. The Ring Floodlight digital camera wires up simply like an everyday floodlight there is no different wiring required to set up the Ring Floodlight.

Do You Need An Electrician To Install Ring Floodlight Camera?

Step By Step ring floodlight digital camera setup instructions are as follows:

Note: Tools Used To Install Ring Floodlight Camera:

  • Screwdriver or Power Drill
  • Wire Strippers
  • Lineman Pliers
  • Channel Locks
  1. Turn off electricity to the light fixture you are going to be doing away with and working on.
  2. Download the Ring App, and create an account.
  3. Remove the current light fixture and disconnect from the present wiring, keep the junction container screws retaining on the light fixture these can be beneficial for mounting new bracket.
  4. Open Ring Box and take away Ring Floodlight mounting bracket
  5. Install Ring Floodlight mounting bracket tightly closed the mounting bracket to the junction container with the furnished screws or the old screws that had been keeping the light fixture on to the junction box. The mounting bracket is directional make certain you mount it with the sticker that says this aspect down, dealing with in the down position. The threaded rod on the mount ought to be going throughout when mounted.
  6. Adjust the mounting bracket so that it is a stage for the ultimate light fixture installation. The two mounting posts for the light fixture ought to be horizontal with the ground.
  7. Slightly unscrew the floor screw on the mounting bracket and use the floor wire on the Ring Floodlight to tightly close the Floodlight on the ground screw, wrap the wire around the ground screw and tighten the ground screw to make positive the Floodlight can be supported with the aid of the ground wire. This will free up your hands to wire the Ring Floodlight and securely keep the Floodlight in function while ending your work.
  8. Wire the white wire (neutral) on the light fixture to white (neutral wire) in the junction box. Wire the black (hot) wire of the light to the black (hot) wire of the junction box. 
  9. Now cautiously stuff the extra wire returned in the junction field and mount the floodlight to the mounting bracket. As you are shifting the floodlight into function make positive you are tucking the wires again into the junction field and none of them are pinched between your exterior wall and the Ring Floodlight fixture. With the fixture in the region use the two of the black give-up screw caps to tightly close the light fixture on the mounting bracket. The supplied orange screwdriver in the Ring set up package is made to suit round the black quit screw caps and if you get rid of the screwdriver but it’s the best device to tighten the screw cease caps and impervious the Ring Floodlight to the mounting bracket.
  10. Adjust the digicam and floodlights to the positions you choose to be covered. It’s best to take a bet with the floodlights and then hand tightens them with the washers on their knuckles as soon as in position. Don’t over-tighten due to the fact you would possibly prefer to alter their attitude later. Move the digital camera into function with your hand however, don’t tighten you will prefer to test the view earlier than you tighten the adjustment screw on the aspect of the digital camera knuckle. Sometimes the floodlight screws are already very tight from the manufacturing facility and may additionally no longer experience like they can be adjusted, if they are too tight you can use a pair of channel locks to loosen them barely then regulate through the hand.
  11. Sign into or open the Ring App.
  12. Turn the Power returned on to the Ring Floodlight
  13. The action detector on the bottom of the floodlight will flash blue this potential it is geared up for pairing.
  14. Click on add a gadget in the app and observe the set up guidelines in the app.
  15. Congratulations! The ring floodlight cam is now set up.

How to set up a ring flood camera on your Alexa App?

  1. Install the Ring Floodlight Camera and whole the setup through the Ring app.
  2. Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone.
  3. Select the menu on the top left of the screen.
  4. The menu will have various exclusive options.  From the menu, click the Skills tab.
  5. This will take to you the Alexa competencies store, Alexa capabilities are like “apps” for your Amazon Alexa devices. At the pinnacle of the display, there is a search bar. Enter “Ring” into the search bar. Two “Skills” will pop up.
  6. Select the “Ring Video Doorbell” Skill. Even even though the Ring Floodlight is now not a video doorbell it makes use of the identical Alexa talent as the Ring Video Doorbell.
  7. Click on Enable, and put down your Ring account username and password.
  8. Once you do that the talent is linked to the Ring Floodlight Camera. Alexa will then ask you to find out devices, simply click on yes. If Alexa does now not ask you to find out gadgets go again to the important Amazon Alexa home screen. Click on the menu at the higher left and click on “Smart Home” inside the menu.
  9. Once in the smart home menu click on the “+ Add Device”  button if you do not see your Ring Floodlight Camera listed in the devices. The Ring Floodlight indicates up as a digital camera emblem which appears like a circle with one leg. If you do not see your digital camera already in the smart home gadgets click on the “+ Add Device” button. If you already have the doorbell delivered and it suggests up in the smart home gadgets your Ring Floodlight is related to your Amazon Alexa Show or Spot.

How does Ring Floodlight work?

When the movement detector is tripped, numerous things occur at once.

First, you get an alert dispatched straight to your phone, with real-time video displaying who is on your property. If Alexa has a video screen, you can watch the video there.

Next, you’ll have the strength to set off the two-way speak characteristic if you want or prefer to talk with the individual the digital camera sees. Or you can set off an exterior siren to scare the intruder off (you can do it through an urgent button on your smartphone).

Finally, the video receives captured and saved for later reference. You’ll be in a position to use it as proof in the match you want or favor to get regulation enforcement involved.

Where do need to install your Ring Floodlight?

If you have simply one Ring Floodlight you need to think about aiming it at the back of your property. The front of the property commonly has lighting fixtures and faces the street. The front can additionally be geared up with a Ring Video Doorbell, which will serve the identical purpose, barring making your home seem like a fortress to the informal visitor.

If you desire full coverage, don’t overlook the sides of your property. Even if there are no entry factors in these spaces, installing movement lighting fixtures there will assist you to dispose of spots the place a prowler ought to conceal or lie in wait. It may also even make sure no one ever receives close ample to your rear entrances to pose any threat.

Why get your Ring Floodlight set up professionally?

The Ring Floodlight camera needs to be hardwired to the weatherproof electrical box. Not solely is hardwiring something a job nice left to licensed and skilled electricians, however additionally you can also additionally want us to install the electrical field to get the cameras in the suited position. 

With an acceptable Ring setup capability, you can experience this protection characteristic the way it’s intended to be enjoyed.



In this way, you can install the floodlight ring cameras step by step by following the given instruction.

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