How to Transfer My Blink Camera to New Owner?

Blink cameras are outstanding mid-range smart cameras that you can add to your domestic to enlarge security. They are easy to use and set up and you are capable to sync a couple of devices collectively to get various views of your home.

It is perfect to present or promote your Blink system however it has to be eliminated from your account earlier than everyone else can also use it on theirs. If your tool is now not deleted from your account, then the new owner will not be in a position to add it to theirs. The best way to clear tools for sale is to delete the System it is related to.

How to Transfer My Blink Camera to New Owner?

What do you want to recognize earlier than deleting the Blink account?

Blink Cam data quick clips when it detects action and shops them on the cloud for 60 days and when you cast off the account, all these data will be deleted automatically, so if you prefer to maintain some of these clips, you want to download and shop them on your laptop or smartphone.

Also, you want to put in thinking that having access to this device and seeing the stay feed, getting notifications, or altering the settings will be something impossible, and if you choose to get admission to the digital camera once more you want to get the account login data of the new user.

The following directions assist you to delete a system, a camera, and a sync module and dispose of your account if you wish. Note that your email address is maintained to stop every person from duplicating your account.

How Do You Transfer Blink Camera to a New Owner?

To make it feasible for a new owner to add a Blink digital camera to their profile, you need to eliminate all related account records to work properly. Removing the complete gadget from the app is one of two methods to whole the removal. This process is regularly carried out throughout the sale of the Blink camera.

There are two approaches to transferring a Blink digital camera to a new owner. You can either:

  • Delete all your account records from the linked Blink app.
  • Change your email address in the Blink app.

Here are the steps to follow for each method:

Method 1: Deleting Your Account Information from the Blink App Linked to Your Camera

Suppose you are transferring the digital camera to a new tenant. In that case, it is feasible to maintain the equal account and alternate the electronic mail tackle related to the system, giving a new owner/tenant manipulate with the current related account.

  1. Input your e-mail and password into the Blink app to log into your Blink account.
  2. Click on the Setting icon and choose System Settings.
  3. Choose the machine you prefer to delete.
  4. Now, click on Delete System. You’ll be requested to verify whether or not you choose to proceed with the action. Select Delete to continue.
  5. The app will now direct you again to the Settings screen. You won’t be capable of getting admission to the gadget anymore on the app.
  6. If you’d additionally like to delete the account completely, you can click on the Settings icon again.
  7. On the settings submenu, choose Manage Account.
  8. Scroll down to discover the Delete Account tab. Then, click on the tab.
  9. The device will ask you whether or not you are positive that you favor deleting the data in your account. If you click on Yes, this will erase the information permanently.
  10. After you’ve deleted your account, the new owner can effortlessly add their profile to the camera.

Step by step process

Delete a System
  • Launch the Blink app on an android or IOS device.
  • Choose the inserting icon at the rock bottom of the display to look at device settings.
  • Select the identity of the machine you would like to delete.
  • From the system display, tap delete system (red button at the bottom).
  • A popup message can show up asking you to verify, tap delete.
  • Currently, the system isn’t any longer current and therefore the new owner will add his cam.
Delete a camera
  • From the Blink app, click on the Settings icon to the correct of the camera you want to delete.
  • Click the Delete Camera button at the rock bottom of the Camera Settings screen.
  • Then click affirmative to verify.
  • Note: you’ll be able to repeat the identical steps to delete the rest of your cameras.
Delete a synchronize Module.
  • Go to the app and click on the inserting icon at rock bottom of the domestic screen.
  • Choose the device that carries the synchronize Module you decide to get rid of.
  • Tap on synchronize Module.
  • Select “Delete synchronize Module”, then click OK.
  • Scan or enter within the serial style of the synchronize Module, placed on the rock bottom of the unit, and affirm as presently as over again that you simply would like to delete it from your account.
Delete the account
  • Tap on the tools icon on the Blink app domestic screen.
  • Then detect Manage Account.
  • Tap on the Delete Account button at the rock bottom of the screen.
  • A popup message can seem, click on DELETE to verify that you simply would love to utterly delete your account.
Reset the digital camera to provide it to a new owner

Factory reset your digital camera will delete all the settings and the private data together with your account, so this tip can be used when altering the owner of the Blink cam.

Important: Only the Blink Mini can be reset at once from the digital camera as it has a reset button, so if you have some other model you want to reset the Sync Module.

How to reset Blink Mini cam?
  • Pick a paperclip or a needle.
  • Press and preserve the reset button for greater than 5 seconds.
  • Red and blue lights will flash unexpectedly rapidly earlier than the button is released.
  • The blue light will then slowly blink, which shows the digital camera is geared up to be delivered to a system.
How to reset the sync module?
  • Find the reset button at the side of this hub subsequent to the USB port.
  • Pick a needle or a paperclip and press and preserve the reset button for 5 seconds.

After 15, a blinking blue light and stable green light show up at the front of the gadget. That capacity has been reset, now you want to go and delete and reinstall it once more on the Blink app.

To delete the Sync Module, observe the steps that were confirmed formerly in this article, then the new owner will want to reinstall it on his account, and here’s how:

  • Log in to the account on the app and click on the + sign on the higher right.
  • Choose “Blink wi-fi digital camera system”.
  • Scan or enter the module’s wide variety again.
  • Choose your Blink system, and then click “Discover Device”.
  • Tap on “Join, and then select “Done”.


Method 2: Change your email address with the Blink app

If you are an owner of a house who is renting, it is feasible to provide your tenant the comfort of linking a Blink digital camera by using transferring the email tackle to a new owner. Also, they will link their Amazon account to the Blink digital camera for delivered alternatives for controlling their device.

  1. Open your Blink app and tap on the Account icon from your domestic screen.
  2. The contemporary email address for your Blink digital camera will appear. Select the email address and enter your password.
  3. After coming into the right password, the gadget will exhibit you a Change Email screen.
  4. Input your new email address on the display and click on Change Email.
  5. You will now get a verification message on the new email address. Ensure the new owner offers you transient get entry to their email address to allow you to verify the message. More so, notice that Blink will no longer receive the new email address if anybody has before used it on a Blink account.
  6. You’ll discover a PIN in the verification email. Enter it in the app to affirm the email address.
  7. Now, enter a new smartphone wide variety on the display screen to link it to the account. Blink will ship you some other PIN to confirm the number.
  8. If you have linked the account to any Amazon gadgets like Alexa, log in to them so that your new purchaser can experience this characteristic in their new camera.


Troubleshooting when transferring a Blink camera to a new owner

Sometimes a homeowner may also provide to consist of a Blink digital camera and gadget to a new owner. If they did now not eliminate their data from the system, contacting them is an exceptional way to delete their account. If this can’t be completed, you can contact Blink assist to acquire similar assistance.


It is convenient and handy to get rid of your private data from your Blink digital camera account when the use of the Blink app. Completely eliminating the gadget and all related cameras and modules will make certain your privacy and create a smooth slate for the new owner.

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