How to Reset Blink Camera?

Blink Camera is one of the most extremely good safety cameras on the market. Blink possibly has high-quality indoors and out of doors safety cameras with competitive expenditures and quality. These cameras are all smart, which means that you can constantly reap a stay feed proper onto your cell device as nicely as trouble its instructions the usage of Alexa, the voice assistant through Amazon.  Although Blink safety cameras are one of the best, they additionally want to be refreshed as soon as in a while.

Blink has usually amazed a lot of human beings with its excellent cameras however there are instances when you want to reset the blink cameras, specifically when you observe your digital camera no longer working properly. So, how do you reset blink cameras? or should you reset the camera directly or the module instead? or maybe both?

Blink provides many exceptional security cameras. Each one can be related to the different using a Sync Module. It is easy to reset a Blink digital camera and it solely takes a few minutes. If you want to reset a Blink camera, you can press and preserve the reset button on the sync module.

How to Reset Blink Security Cameras?

There ought to be many motives as to why you may favor resetting your Blink cameras. It could be that you would possibly be promoting them, or it may want additionally be that for some purpose it doesn’t appear to be characteristic how it is supposed to be. Either way, you can examine this information to analyze how to reset a Blink Camera.


When Should you Reset Your Blink Camera?

There are two primary reasons why people reset their Blink cameras:

  1. The first one is when the digital camera is malfunctioning.
  2. The second is when you prefer to clear the digital camera completely.

So, if you have issues with your Blink camera, think about resetting it due to the fact it would possibly repair the problem. However, if resetting doesn’t work for you, consider power cycling your sync module or Wi-Fi router to see if this solves the problem.


Reset Blink Indoor, Outdoor, XT and XT2

While Blink Mini cameras have an outside reset button commonly placed on the aspects of the cameras, more recent Blink cameras such as the XT have a reset button below the back cover.

  • To reset the XT, begin by deleting the digital camera from the App. Click on the ‘?’ icon observed by using ‘Delete Sync Module,’ then enter the serial quantity and then ‘Delete.’
  • Next, strength up the digital camera and put off the back cover.
  • Then use a small protection pin or sim ejector device to poke into the small gap located on the left of the right-hand battery. Ensure you preserve down the reset button interior of the small home for about 10 seconds or more.
  • Eject the batteries from the camera while pressing the reset button.
  • Now you’ll see a red-light flickering indicating your Blink digital camera is disconnected from the sync module and has been thoroughly reset.
  • Finally, you can reconnect the digital camera to the App and WiFi.


How To Reset Blink Mini?

The Blink Mini digital camera has a reset button which you will discover at the backside side of the device. You will constantly want to reset your Blink Mini Camera one by one through its reset button.

To reset your Blink Mini Camera, press and preserve for 10-15 seconds the reset button. The resetting technique will start. Resetting is carried out when you see the strong blue and green light. For great results, make certain the Blink Mini is plugged in when performing the reset.

It is advised that you insert a small screwdriver or paperclip when resetting your Blink Mini camera. Never use thumbtacks or security pins.

You can use the reset button of your Blink Mini when you want to:

  1. Move your digital camera to a new Wi-Fi community or location.
  2. Reconnect to a Wi-Fi community (A red light on your Blink Mini ability it is no longer connected to the internet).
  3. Fix setup issues. You will want to do a reset when your Blink Mini shows a red light.
  4. Resetting your Blink Mini can restore more than a few problems when you are altering networks or all through the preliminary setup. Resetting will, however, not:
    1. Delete the thumbnail image.
    2. Reset the digital camera to its default settings.
    3. Delete your digital camera from an account or system.


How to Reset Blink Sync Module?

To reset a Blink digital camera linked to the Sync module, you can additionally reset the module itself. Keep in thought that if you decide on this method, you’ll disconnect all the cameras paired to the sync module and revert the module to setup mode.

To reset the Blink Sync Module:

  1. Start by using disconnecting the USB power cable from the Sync Module.
  2. Next, flip the module on its side to face the reset switch up.
  3. Now use a skinny object such as a paper clip, security pin, sim ejector tool, or toothpick to press and keep the reset button.
  4. Next, reconnect the USB power cable to the Sync Module’s electricity port.
  5. Wait for the light on the front of the digital camera to become red.
  6. Next, release the reset button.
  7. Finally, your Blink Sync Module must power up and enter configuration or setup mode. You’ll recognize this occurred when the front light flickers blue and green.


Steps to delete and reinstall the Sync module:

  1. Open the Blink Application and just click on the ‘?’ icon.
  2. Select the alternative ‘Delete Sync Module’.
  3. Enter the sync module serial variety when caused and pick the ‘Delete’ option.
  4. Now that module is deleted, you must reinstall the module.
  5. Go to Home and click on the Add ‘+’ option.
  6. Select your gadget and enter the serial range when prompted.
  7. Select ‘Discover device’ and click on ‘Join’.
  8. Voila! You have efficiently reinstalled the sync module.



As demonstrated above, resetting your Blink digital camera is easy, however, it’s now not usually necessary. When you have difficulty with your Blink camera, begin by using power cycling your Sync Module and Wi-Fi router. If the trouble persists, you can reset the Blink camera.

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