Does Ring Camera Work With Apple Homekit?

Ring gadgets don’t assist with HomeKit. The Ring gadgets ecosystem is developing constantly, and these units all have the potential to be beneficial in HomeKit beyond simply their base functionality. But you can join your Ring smart units to Apple HomeKit with the use of a hub or bridge. So, you can manipulate your smart gadgets with iOS Home App and Siri. There are a few options, particularly Homebridge, HOOBS, and Raspberry Pi to add Ring Devices with Apple HomeKit.

Ability to Add Ring Devices to Apple HomeKit

It may now not be handy to get a Ring digital camera gadget related to your Apple HomeKit, however, it’s nonetheless a possibility. Keep analyzing to analyze greater about does ring digital camera work with Apple Homekit. Like many smart automation devices, Ring and Apple HomeKit can join third-party software and hardware solutions. Thanks to the HomeKit developer community for their options that can combine Ring gadgets with Apple HomeKit. There are two foremost options for doing it.

  • Software Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions

Apple HomeKit

Software Solutions


Homebridge is a light-weight server that integrates with your domestic community to grant HomeKit integration for smart-home units that no longer natively or at once guide Apple HomeKit. It works by using emulating the Apple HomeKit API. It in actuality acts as the bridge to join all your third-party purposes with HomeKit. Now that you understand what Homebridge is, let me spoil down some of the feasible approaches of putting up Homebridge to join your Ring products.

There are two principal methods of doing it:

Homebridge Hub or Homebridge on a Computer for Ring Accessories

The first way is to set up Homebridge on your computer. Initially, this was regarded as the solution used to be searching for, EXCEPT, it used to be not. This is because, in order to manage the accessories, you want to have your computer running 24/7. This should be expensive, and no longer to point out a big inconvenience for most people.

The second way is to buy a Homebridge hub. This is a pre-packaged hardware and software program answer that comes with Homebridge set up already. It is a small system that connects to your domestic community to combine nearly each and every third-party accessory with Apple HomeKit. As anyone who spent hours attempting to figure out Homebridge on my computer, a Homebridge hub is a lifesaver that makes integrating any accessory with HomeKit useless and simple. You simply want to set up the plugins for the accessory that you favor to join to HomeKit and you are done.

However, the capability to join your Ring cameras to your Apple HomeKit provides many technical benefits that make it well worth the greater money. Here are simply a few of the matters you’re in a position to do as soon as you’ve synced your Ring cameras and your Apple Homekit with the usage of Homebridge:

  • Show all accessible Ring digital camera gadgets in your Apple HomeKit app
  • Use your Ring cameras as sensors in your Homekit ecosystem
  • Enable Homekit doorbell notifications through your Ring cameras, permitting them to characteristic as a doorbell besides relying on the Ring Chime or Ring app

It’s essential to be aware that the usage of Homebridge to join your Ring cameras to your Apple Homekit reasons a barely delayed reaction, so your mobile notifications at once from your Ring app will be extra consultant of a real-time choice if you desire to reply the doorbell in real-time.

Hardware Solutions


HOOBS is one of the Hardware based solutions that stand for Homebridge out of the box. You can convert non HomeKit gadgets into HomeKit well matched with HOOBS. It additionally can combine many gadgets with HomeKit. And yeah! It is well suited with over 2000 add-ons now. However, HOOBS is an extra pricey answer than the different solutions. It takes a few minutes to set up and get all Ring units built-in with HomeKit.

Depending upon your technical experts, there are three methods you can get HOOBS:

  1. Download HOOBS for free or donation – for the most tech savvy.
  2. HOOBS on SD Card – a pleasant quality for those who already functioning a Raspberry Pi.
  3. HOOBS in a box – A starter package with HOOBS already set up and set up.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a famous lower priced single board computer. If your layout on running your Raspberry Pi thru WiFi, you’ll want to join your Pi to your domestic network. Also, you’ll want a minimal 4GB microSD card and admin tights on a separate OS (Window, Mac, Linux) aside from the Pi (Note: To flash Homebridge onto the microSD card). You are aware what Raspberry Pi is the most inexpensive solution to add Ring gadgets into HomeKit.


Why use HOOBS to Connect Ring with HomeKit?

Both Ring and Apple Homekit might also link to a third-party software utility that acts as a kind of bridge between the two software systems, permitting them to be utilized simultaneously. HOOBS, or Homebridge out of the Box, is a famous instance of how to join Ring and Apple Homekit manages modules.

These are the reasons why you ought to use HOOBS to pair your ring doorbell with Apple Homekit.

  • Setting it up is a breeze. It solely takes a few minutes to link all of your Ring units with HomeKit.
  • It streamlines the procedure of putting in Homebridge by means of putting off the want to manually configure any plugins.
  • Hoobs collaborates intently with the plugin creator to supply you with all the help and updates you require.
  • ADT, Harmony, Roborock, Tuya, Sonos, MyQ, and extra are amongst the 2000+ different products that it works with in addition to the Ring. So, if you desire to create your smart domestic around the HomeKit ecosystem, shopping for Hoobs in a field is a no-brainer.


Does Ring work with Apple HomeKit?

Having your front doorbell ring automatically can be an excellent perk for you. But, if you are searching for the last security, the Ring Video Doorbell is one of the first-class choices on the market. It works with any primary home automation gadget like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink.

Ring devices may not compatible with the HomeKit. But you can join your smart gadgets in the smart domestic community with the use of a hub or bridge. It handles conversations between community protocols or a one-of-a-kind platform. Also, it acts as a translator. As of the time of this post, the sole application that can join Ring cameras with an Apple Homekit is Homebridge. This implies that if you choose to use your Ring cameras with your Apple Homekit, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Install the Ring plugin and set up Homebridge. Then, you can get a refresh token for putting up your Ring plugin. You can also use email, passwords, and two-factor verification codes for your ring account. After that, the Ring gadgets need to be seen in the Home App on your HomeKit.

Furthermore, Ring gadgets or any products are now not formally licensed with the aid of Apple. You can only combine ring products or any items the usage of Homebridge.

To watch the tutorial on how to connect the Ring camera with the apple home kit click here.



It is truly disappointing that Ring is yet to introduce HomeKit assist for its ever-growing line of gadgets thinking about how many of us swear by using HomeKit.

Even if Ring had been to allow HomeKit on their gadgets like they have been promising for years now, it’s surprisingly doubtful if it will ever obtain more than what the Homebridge setup above has.

The benefit of HomeKit is the various approaches in which you can customize how your gadgets function. You can add any quantity of switches and sensors and get it to work precisely the way you prefer it to.  Siri instructions can be used to manage the Ring Alarm state if you have one, such as “Set Ring alarm to away” or “Turn off Ring Alarm”, and the capacity to combine with different third party gadgets solely extends the utility of this plug-in.

HomeBridge can be set up on a Rasberry Pi that prices much less than many HomeKit add-ons and left to run simply like any different smart hub, and as soon as you have it you’ll probably discover different products you desire to use it with to increase your HomeKit setup. Unfortunately, Ring can’t or won’t furnish this functionality themselves.

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