Can You Use Ring Cameras Without WI-Fi?

Ring cameras are highly effective at providing protection and peace of mind since they automatically record when movement is detected. In some cases, Ring cameras are battery-operated or solar-powered, making us wonder if we could use them except Wi-Fi, for example, in the event of a power outage.

But Can Ring Cameras work without Wi-Fi? As Ring cameras no longer record without Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi connection is required to record and keep videos. It is additionally wished to view the camera’s live movement and use two-way audio. Without Wi-Fi, the digital camera may also nevertheless have power; however, it will now not function.

Since Wi-Fi is required to use your Ring camera, if the digital camera loses its Internet connection, you will prefer to repair it as quickly as feasible to keep away from any large gaps in your safety coverage.

The ring has provided smart home gadgets to many properties and companies for nearly a decade. The ring presents a range of products, indoor and outside cameras, Ring doorbells, and chimes that can be used in conjunction with these doorbells.

Ring’s indoor protection cameras require wired and plugged into an outlet to work. The Outdoor Stick-Up cameras use a rechargeable battery. Additional batteries can be bought to charge the second battery while used. You can continually have an entirely charged battery on hand.

The Ring Video Doorbell (newer than the 2nd generation) has removable rechargeable batteries. With the Ring Video Doorbell, you cannot remove the built-in rechargeable battery. When the doorbell’s batteries run low or die, they should be dismounted and the doorbell charged using the provided charging cord.

Most Ring devices, specifically cameras, and doorbells, want to be connected to Wi-Fi to work properly. Only the Ring Doorbell Elite and the Ring Stick up Cam Elite fall into this category. 


Which Ring Cameras Do Need Wi-Fi to Record?

Ring makes 4 design structures for safety cameras: Indoor Camera, Spotlight Camera, Stick up Camera, and Floodlight Camera

All of the above mentioned ring camera models require a Wi-Fi connection for recording videos and audio. Wi-Fi is additionally crucial for the following digital camera functions.

  • Storing videos
  • Sending movement alerts
  • Viewing the camera’s stay move in the Ring app
  • Using two-way audio
  • Performing automated firmware updates

In addition to a Wi-Fi connection, a Ring Protect design is wished to record and save videos.


Wi-Fi Connection Required for Ring Cameras

Ring safety cameras ought to be connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network; they are now not well suited to 5GHz networks. Additionally, for the pleasant recording quality, Ring recommends Wi-Fi download and add speeds of at least two Mbps per device.

You can test the speeds of your Wi-Fi connection the use of the following steps:

  1. With a smartphone or laptop, stand subsequent to the Ring camera.
  2. Open this free Internet speed check on your device’s internet browser.
  3. Perform the speed test.


Can You Use Ring Camera without Wi-Fi?

Without Wi-Fi, your Ring digital camera might also nonetheless have energy relying on its energy source.

If your smartphone is linked to Wi-Fi or phone service, you can nonetheless regulate the camera’s settings in the Ring app.

Previously recorded video clips are saved in a cloud, which skill you can still access even if your Ring digital camera doesn’t have Wi-Fi. There are two approaches to watching until now recorded videos:

  • Through the Ring app on a smartphone or tablet
  • By logging into your Ring account on an internet browser

The gadget that you desire to watch the videos on should be linked to the Internet.


Hardwiring Ring Camera to the Internet

There is only one Ring digital camera that can be hardwired to your Internet with the use of an Ethernet cable: the Stick Up Cam Elite and Ring Doorbell Elite.

Ring Doorbell Elite and Ring Stick-Up Cam Elite use PoE (Power over Ethernet), so they do not require a Wi-Fi connection. They are connected to an Ethernet cable that provides power and internet. These units can be related to the internet by using cables as an alternative to wirelessly. This consequence is in higher connections and quicker speeds. This cable presents both the strength and Internet connection that the system wants to record videos. It is set up on a wall, the PoE Ring Doorbell Elite.

The Stick up Cam Elite can additionally be connected to a 2.4 GHz or a 5 GHz WI-Fi network.

The Ethernet cable connection is required to join the internet. Without it, the Ring Elite Camera or doorbell would no longer be in a position to be set up, and they would no longer be capable to function. To speak with the Ring app and add protection video, they nevertheless require an internet connection.

Ring Doorbell Elite requires both networking expertise and expert installation. It needs to be hardwired into your residence with the use of the Ethernet cable.

These smart units can feature without Wi-Fi web access, however, they nonetheless need internet access to whole their functions.


Troubleshooting Ring Camera Wi-Fi Problems

Because your Ring digital camera makes use of Wi-Fi to record, you favor making sure that it has a strong, secure connection. You can test the device’s Wi-Fi connection popularity and energy at any time in the Ring app.

  1. In the app, pick out the digital camera you choose to check.
  2. Click on the Device Health tile.
  3. Check the status and signal power under Network.

Reconnecting Ring Camera to Wi-Fi

If the system loses its connection say that “offline,” attempt power cycling for your Internet modem and router. To do this, unplug the power cables for each modem and the router. Wait at least one minute earlier than plugging them again in.

You can additionally try reconnecting the Ring digital camera to your Wi-Fi community in the app. Under Device Health, click on the “Reconnect to Wi-Fi” or “Change Wi-Fi Network.” Then, observe the on-screen directions. You will want to re-enter your Wi-Fi password.

Strengthening Wi-Fi Connection

The Ring digital camera recordings’ video and audio exceptional might also be affected by using a terrible Wi-Fi connection. If the signal strength is bad or has an RSSI value of -75 or less, you may also prefer to extend the Wi-Fi strength. To do that, you can:

  • Move the Wi-Fi router nearer to the Ring camera.
  • Remove any large portions of the furniture that are between the router and the camera.
  • Remove gadgets you aren’t the usage of from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi extender to make bigger the range of your Wi-Fi connection.

How to reconnect your Ring digital camera or doorbell to Wi-Fi

What if your Ring product loses its Wi-Fi connection or you’ve modified some of your community preferences and want to reconnect the hardware?

Connecting your already-installed Ring gadget to a new or current Wi-Fi community is as easy (if now not easier) than the preliminary setup steps.

Step 1: Start by selecting the three bars icon at the top-right corner of the Ring app’s homepage. Then, choose Devices.

Step 2: Choose the digital camera or doorbell you want to reconnect. Next, you’ll be taken to the Device dashboard.

Step 3: Select Device health and then pick out Reconnect to Wi-Fi or Change Wi-Fi network.



Ring’s services require an active internet connection whether or not wired or wireless, in order to operate. Because of this, if you have a brief interruption of service, your Ring gadgets would, unfortunately, be unusable at some stage in that time. Most Ring cameras no longer work besides Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is wanted to record videos, get hold of movement alerts, view the camera’s live feed, and use two-way audio.

Once your net is restored, however, your units will function generally and be capable to record and add a video to the cloud again.

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