Can I Use DSLR Lens on Mirrorless Camera?

What Is a Mirrorless Camera?

A mirrorless digital camera is a digital camera that makes use of a single, detachable lens and a digital viewfinder. Mirrorless cameras have emerged as increasingly more famous in current years, as they provide many of the advantages of a digital SLR camera, except the bulk. One of the foremost benefits of a mirrorless digital camera is that they are frequently lighter and greater compact than a DSLR, as they don’t have the reflect field assembly. This makes them best for journey and avenue photography. Another advantage is that due to the fact, there is no mirror, the sensor is uncovered to the incoming light at all times. This potential that the autofocus gadget is regularly quicker and greater correct than a DSLR.

What Are DSLR Camera Lenses?

Lenses that are usually designed for DSLR camera is referred to as DSLR lens. The lens is the first and the most fundamental issue of a DSLR digital camera and this form of the digital camera does now not work besides a lens. There are extraordinary sorts of DSLR camera lenses on hand in the market. A top lens, Wide-angle lens, Telephoto lens, Macro lens, and Tilt-shift Lens are some of them. All of them are fine in their way. In phrases of DSLR Lens, there are a lot of selections to go.

When you think about shopping for a new camera, such as a mirrorless camera, you can also be surprised if your DSLR lenses are compatible. You might also have invested pretty much a bit of cash in your lens series and you in all likelihood don’t prefer to exchange them.

So, can you use a DSLR lens on a mirrorless camera? The brief reply is yes, you can. However, there are a few matters you want to comprehend earlier than you begin attaching your DSLR lenses to your new mirrorless camera.

Although you can use your DSLR lenses on a mirrorless camera, you can also want an adapter to mount it. The adapter isn’t a high-priced item, however, it is imperative so that it can convert the alerts between the lens and the camera.

What Happens When You Use a DSLR Lens with a Mirrorless Camera?

One issue that DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras have in frequent is that you can use one-of-a-kind lenses to take a range of photographs. If you want to take close-ups, you can use the portrait lens. You can use a massive zoom lens to take images of objects that are off in the distance. There are special lenses for specific sorts of photography.

Mirrorless cameras are enormously new, and they are turning into greater popularity. However, many photographers have a lot of cash invested in their lens collections, so they don’t favor exchanging them all. Fortunately, you can use your DSLR lenses on your mirrorless camera as long as you have an adapter. Some digital camera makers provide an adapter for different lenses; however, you want to be conscious of a few things.

Can You Use DSLR Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras?

The DSLR camera is extraordinarily massive in measurement and heavy in weight, making it extremely cumbersome to carry, mainly for those who opt for tour-like tracking. To overcome this problem, the mirrorless digital camera is designed to be nearly equal to the DSLR however smaller in measurement and lighter in weight. Compact and lightweight, it’s convenient to carry, which is why it won the top place on the favorite digital camera listing of travelers.

DSLRs, as nicely as mirrorless cameras, have one vital characteristic in frequent that makes exceptional them from different sorts of cameras: they each permit you to swap out their lenses. As a result, if you favor seizing greater in a photograph, you must use a wide-angle lens. Any object can be photographed at a nearer distance with the usage of a telephoto lens if you honestly prefer a nearer look.

DSLR cameras have been around for quite a few decades; however, the mirrorless digital camera is a current invention that is hastily taking over the industry. They are gaining recognition all the time. As a result, photographers who are experimenting with this new science search for possibilities to make use of their older lenses.

Photographic DSLRs have been in existence for way longer than digital mirrorless cameras. As a result, most photographers have a DSLR lens in their list of collections.

Most photographers have quite a number of lenses for their DSLR cameras. And if you’ve been into pictures for a while, you in all likelihood have a catalog of lenses. However, one of the barriers to the use of a mirrorless digital camera is its lens selection. Although there is a large variety of a lens collection handy in the market for DSLR cameras, very few lenses are on hand in the market for a mirrorless camera. Many human beings think about the use of DSLR lenses in mirrorless cameras to overcome this limitation. It would be hard for us to put all of them to waste simply for the sake of switching to a mirrorless camera, however, luckily, you don’t have to. But all the worries acquire when it comes to the point, can you certainly use a DSLR lens in a mirrorless camera?

The reply is YES. You can use a DSLR lens on a mirrorless camera with a lens adaptor. Your DSLR lenses will work higher if they are the equal company as your mirrorless camera, as there will be fewer compatibility issues. However, one factor to hold in the idea is that you can’t use a DSLR lens immediately on a mirrorless camera. It’s really worth shopping for a splendid lens adaptor that approves you to experience all the lens’s features. That’s a skill most DSLR lenses can be used on the mirrorless digital camera as well, permitting you to amplify your lens options.

How to Use a DSLR Lens in a Mirrorless Camera?

Can I Use DSLR Lens on Mirrorless Camera?

When you choose to make use of a DSLR lens on a DSLR camera, a lens adapter is among the most necessary gadgets you’ll want to get your fingers on for the job. A mirrorless digital camera is by and large for the distance between the place the lens attaches where the sensor is located. Most mirrorless cameras have a flange distance of around 20mm, which necessitates the use of an adapter in order for your lens to focal point on the film plane of the mirrorless camera.

Is It Essential to Use a Lens Adapter?

It is suitable information that you can use a DSLR lens in your mirrorless camera. All you want is a lens adapter to use a DSLR lens in a Mirrorless camera. Now you may additionally ask, is a lens adapter simply integral to using such a sort of lens in your camera? Or can I use a DSLR lens for my Mirrorless digital camera except for a lens Adapter? No, you have to and should use a lens adapter between your digital camera and the DSLR lens.

Lenses are designed to center attention on far-off objects as long as they are at the proper distance from your camera’s picture sensor. A Mirrorless digital camera has a very small distance between the mount of the lens and the sensor. The Lens adapter makes it pretty easy to permit DSLR lenses to be used with the digital camera physique by preserving desirable distance.

Which Adapter Should You Go for?

There are a number of clever adapters available in the market that may be used to attach a DSLR lens to a mirrorless camera. What kind of lens adapter you need is basically depends on the type of lens that you have. Not only has the type of the lens, but it also depended on the mounting system of the camera and lens.

There is a multitude of adapters available at a range of pricing. Simple manual lenses may be used with inexpensive adapters that are completely enough. On the other hand, a pricey adaptor would be required if you are willing to utilize more premium lenses.

Why Use a DSLR Lens on a Mirrorless Camera?

Now that you recognize you can use a DSLR lens on a mirrorless camera, you may marvel if it’s worth doing so. After all, wouldn’t it be higher to use mirrorless lenses with mirrorless cameras?

Using a DSLR lens on a mirrorless digital camera with a lens adaptor eliminates the want to purchase new and luxurious mirrorless lenses. If you don’t have any lenses beforehand, then it’s worth it to purchase mirrorless digital camera lenses.

Although the use of a DSLR lens on a mirrorless digital camera gives many benefits, there are additionally some disadvantages.


  • Ability to use your current lenses. A mirrorless digital camera is a notably new concept, and if you have one, you might also nevertheless have a stash of high-priced DSLR lenses. With a lens adaptor, you can proceed the use of them.
  • No want to purchase steeply-priced mirrorless lenses. Mirrorless lenses are nevertheless pretty new and costly, with some mirrorless lenses costing an awful lot as a new camera. DSLR lenses have been around for decades, and it’s convenient to locate a used one at a financial price.

Using a properly fine lens adaptor can make all the lens features on hand on your mirrorless camera. Quality lens adaptors are costly, however, they can provide the lens’s full performance on your mirrorless camera. This consists of stabilization and aperture control.


  • Using a lens adaptor can be inconvenient. It’s easy and simple to use a lens adaptor on your mirrorless camera. However, when journeying or out and about, it’s one extra element you want to have in mind to pack. You may also additionally want to choose some other setting, such as “shoot barring lens”, for the DSLR lens to work.
  • Slower autofocus. DSLR cameras have an in-built center of attention sensors, and their lenses are designed to work with this system. Using a DSLR lens on a mirrorless digital camera can make autofocusing slower as the lens desires to adapt to the imaging sensors. Slow autofocus with a lens adaptor is extra-reported when you are making an attempt to seize fast-moving objects.
  • Compatibility problems. You can use most DSLR lenses with your mirrorless digital camera with a lens adaptor. However, if your DSLR lens is especially old, it may no longer be well suited to the adaptor. It can be problematic if the lens and digital camera manufacturer aren’t the same. Lens adaptors generally work properly when the DSLR lenses and mirrorless cameras are from identical brands. However, you’ll want a high-priced lens adaptor if you choose to use a Canon DSLR lens, for example, on a Nikon mirrorless camera. Using a lens adaptor makes your digital camera heavier and bulkier. Some photographers choose mirrorless cameras due to the fact they’re extra compact. A lens adaptor provides bulk and weight, which might also be a problem relying on what you use your digicam for. Depending on the lens adaptor kind you use, it can add 1-4 inches (2.5-10 cm) to your lens.
  • Budget lens adaptors can have issues. It’s tempting to decide on a budget-friendly lens adaptor, mainly if you’ve simply splurged on a mirrorless camera. But low-end lens adaptors can now and again purpose troubles with photo stabilization, and you may also be left solely with the choice of guide control.
  • Mirrorless lenses frequently outperform DSLR lenses. Mirrorless lenses are nonetheless being innovated; however, most provide higher overall performance than DSLR lenses.


If you have collections of DSLR lenses and a mirrorless camera, the desirable information is that you can use them together. Unfortunately, the opposite is using a mirrorless lens on a DSLR camera is no longer true.

The first-class way to use a DSLR lens with a mirrorless digital camera is to purchase a lens adaptor from the identical brand. This permits you to experience the full performance of your digital camera and your lens. Ideally, the lenses and the digital camera ought to additionally be the equal brand. Buying a third party one can also purpose troubles that aren’t really worth the few bucks you’re saving.

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