Partnership FAQ


+ How much money can I earn?

You can earn up to 80% of the base membership fee depending on the value of the gear you 'Chut in (send to us) and how long your gear is used in that 'Chut. And this could happen for every 'Chut your gear goes out in.

*Example: You 'Chut (send in) your gear to us that carries a value of $3,500. The Adventurer level has a base membership fee of $399/month. Let's say your gear services the Adventurer level for 12 months. You could earn nearly $3,400. You could earn almost the entire the value of the gear you 'Chuted in and you still own the gear!

+ How do I get paid?

We try to avoid back alley deals with breifcases of cash;). We'd rather deposit your cash directly to your bank.

+ How do you assess the value of my gear?

Although there are many factors to consider, we try to keep things simple. But for certain, we'll take a look at the current condition of the gear, what the fair market value is and what the current demand is.

+ Do I still own my gear?

It's your gear, period. You 'Chut (send) it in and we do all the heavy lifting. Now your gear can work for you without you having to do a thing.

+ What if I want my gear back?

Want your gear back? No worries! You're able to request your gear back at any time without question. Your gear will be returned to you in the same condition we received it. And of course, shipping is free.

+ What if I want my gear back but it's in circulation?

Each Parachut Partner assumes the risk of not being able to receive their gear back until it's back in the Parachut warehouse and not in circulation. However, Parachut understands that you may need your gear back for personal or professional use. In this situation, we would make every effort to provide you with the same or similar gear from the Parachut warehouse to facilitate your needs on a limited basis.

+ How is my gear stored?

Our warehouse is fully secured, tempered and cleaned. When you send in your items, Parachut documents and itemizes each piece and attaches it to your Parachut Partner account. That way when your gear gets scanned and sent out the door, your dashboard will update you in real time.

+ What if my gear is damaged?

We are very picky who is invited into the Parachut club. Normal wear and tear can happen. And there is always the risk of accidents when others handle your gear. That's where we come in. Once your gear is sent in, it's in our care. If your gear gets damaged, let us handle the insurance pains and claims so that your item can easily be repaired or replaced.