No hassles. Just access.


Finally, access to the gear you want for when, where, and however long you want.


Endless Exchanges of Gear

Think of the Parachut Warehouse as your warehouse, your very own virtual warehouse. Log in to your dashboard. Come and go as you please. Get what you want, when you want it. Have it sent to where you need it. Use the gear for as long as you want. Exchange it when you're ready for something else.'s your warehouse.  



"White-glove" Service

Whether you need help with your gear while shooting or you need help deciding what gear is right for you, members can text a dedicated Parachut Pro anytime.  



Sky's the limit

- Choose your membership access level 

- Browse thousands of creative gear options

- Choose your gear, and keep items as long as you want

- Text your Parachut Pro anytime for camera help 

- When you're ready, exchange any or all your items

- Free shipping both ways

- Billing is monthly but you can cancel anytime



Word on the street

Let me just say this is so fantastic! By nature, I’m a pretty indecisive person which makes it hard for me to decide on and commit to gear. With Parachut, my reservations get taken out of the equation and I’m free to be as flexible and creative as I’d like to be.
— D. Duque, Photographer
Parachut has enabled me to give my brides and grooms the best experience possible on one of the most important days of their lives. Thanks guys!
— S. Mitchell, Parachut Founding Member
Being a photographer is expensive. But what if there was a way where anyone could play with any of the latest gear without spending a fortune or getting lost in the hundreds of possibilities online? That’s the blank, limitless space Parachut will fill.
— J. Schnedier, Resource Magazine
FINALLY! This is big news for creatives!

I’m dying to try all the new toys and I don’t have to spend thousands on retail or rental. GAMECHANGER!!!

It's your turn to standout.

Join the club and experience creative freedom.