How it works

Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars of new gear. That's why there's Parachut.

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Join the waitlist

Browse the warehouse, decide how much access you want and build your 1st shipment, which we call a 'Chut (shoot). Hit submit and you're on the list. It's that simple. We'll notify you when you've made it to the club.

Welcome to the club

You're in. After confirming your 'Chut with your Parachut Pro, which is your own personal concierge of sorts or techy guardian angel, we'll box up your gear and get it out the door. Cool? And by the way, your Pro is always just a text away. 

Keep as long as you want

For real! There are no limits to how long you can keep your gear. Why worry about daily rates or late fees? You're in charge. When you're ready to exchange your gear, we're here to box up your next 'Chut and get it to you when and where you need it.