What's in the'Chut Drop?


Finally, creatives have more options. 

Imagine having access to your very own warehouse.  That's the beauty of Parachut. Creatives no longer need to feel stuck with limited tools. Build your 'Chut Drops with your Dashboard for a monthly subscription that fits your budget. 


Build your own 'Chut Drops. 

Once you log in to your Dashboard, you'll have the ability to build your 'Chut Drops at the monthly access budget you can afford. 


Text your Parachut Pro.

Need help deciding on your gear? Want suggestions? Now you can text your Parachut Pro for all your membership needs. 

Keep it as long as you want. 

You get to decide how long you keep your gear. Want endless swaps? No problem! We've got that option too!


What's on your wish list?