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"I can't afford all the new gear."

"I want better photos, just don't know what gear is right for me."

"I want to try all the new techy cameras and toys."

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Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars of new gear. That's why there's Parachut. 


Join now to reserve and secure the Parachut Founding Member launch price and get your first month of endless gear swaps included.


Reserved Founding Members will receive an invite to log in to their dashboard to activate their membership this coming fall. Members can then complete the dashboard profile and add gear to their wish list.


We call it the 'Chut [SHoot] Drop. Experts study your profile to fill your package with items on your wishlist or even surprise you with something new to try.


Love it? Hold on to it. Members also receive targeted education on how to use the gear. Keep the gear as long as you want, send it back with our pre-paid shipping label to try something new. No hassles. 

Experience an unlimited amount of gear swaps on rotation for only $149 a month.

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word on the street

Being a photographer is expensive. But what if there was a way where anyone could play with any of the latest gear without spending a fortune or getting lost in the hundreds of possibilities online?
That’s the blank, limitless space Parachut will fill.
— J. Schnedier -Resource Magazine-
FINALLY! This is big news for creatives!

I’m dying to try all the new toys and I don’t have to spend thousands on retail or rental. GAMECHANGER!!!
Let me just say this is so fantastic! By nature, I’m a pretty indecisive person which makes it hard for me to decide on and commit to gear. With Parachut, my reservations get takent out of the equation and I’m free to be as flexible and creative as I’d like to be.
— Daniel Duque. - Photographer-

What to Expect

From digital to analog.


What's in the'Chut Drop?


Experience an unlimited amount of gear swaps on rotation for only $149 a month. 

In every ‘Chut Drop, you can expect a full unit to create. Lets say you want to try the new Sony A7rii. We will be sure to send it to you with a great lens that is suitable to your photography profile needs and memory card to go with it.  This means that your ‘Chut Drop contains a full package to go and create without you having to purchase something new.  Now this can also mean that in another ‘Chut Drop unit, if you already have a camera body and requested a high-end, premium lens to your wish list, we’ll go ahead and send along that premium lens for you to try in your ‘Chut Drop that goes with a camera body you already have. Either way, each 'Chut Drop will have a complete unit that fits your preferences and wish list for you to explore freely! 


Endless combinations of gear.

Expert curation.

Want big brands? You got it!




Millions of combinations of gear could show up at your door!

The DJI Phantom 4 Drone with memory card suited up in an adventure-protective backpack.

A Rolleiflex 2.8F with protective leather case and various Kodak, Fujifilm and Lomography 120/220 film samples. 

A Sony A7s with 35mm Zeiss lens with batteries, charger and memory card.

The Canon 300mm f2.8L Premium lens to go with your own camera body.

Fuji XPro2 with 70-200mm lens with batteries, charger and memory card.

A DJI Ronin-M in a hard, protective case suitable for travel.

Leica M7 with 50mm Summicron lens with various Kodak, Fujifilm and Lomography film samples. 


What's on your wish list?



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